What We Do:

  1. Technology Access: We provide schools and community centers with computers, tablets, and other essential technological tools, ensuring that all children have the opportunity to engage with modern technology.

  2. Educational Programs: Our hands-on workshops and courses are designed to introduce children to coding, robotics, digital art, and more. Led by passionate educators and industry professionals, these programs inspire creativity and critical thinking.

  3. Mentorship and Support: Through our mentorship program, we connect children with tech industry professionals who provide guidance, encouragement, and real-world insights. Our mentors are committed to helping children discover their potential and pursue their dreams.

  4. Community Engagement: We collaborate with local organizations, schools, and businesses to create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures technological growth and innovation within the community.

Why Detroit?

Detroit is a city filled with potential and promise, but many of its children lack access to the technological resources that are essential for modern education and career development. Tech4Kids is committed to changing this narrative by bringing technology to the heart of Detroit, empowering children to explore, innovate, and lead.

Get Involved:

Are you passionate about technology and education? Join us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of Detroit’s children. Whether you’re interested in volunteering, donating, or partnering with us, there are many ways to get involved. Together, we can build a brighter future for our children and our community.

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